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Fixed Bridges

Fixed bridges are the best solution for replacing missing teeth. This type of restoration makes use of a material that will help fill your gaps in an effective and natural-looking way. The most common bridge is what we call the “traditional bridge”. This bridge is made of porcelain that is then attached to a metal. It requires two crowns that will be bonded over two anchoring teeth, a pair that we call abutment teeth. These are then attached to artificial teeth, which we call pontics. The entire process effectively replaces the space created by missing teeth.

What to do if a Dental Bridge Breaks?

The most important things to do if you break your dental bridge are to remain calm and see your dentist right away. While a broken bridge may not be painful in the same way that a broken tooth might, the break allows bacteria to enter your dental bridge, which can cause problems over time.

Your dentist will discuss your options for repair or replacement depending on your individual dental bridge. If the break is only a minor fracture, it may be repaired by dental bonding. However, since this uses a different material than heat-fused porcelain, it may stain over time. Another option might be a full or partial veneer, depending on the type of damage to your dental bridge.

Usually, the best option will be to replace the bridge entirely. This will ensure that your dental bridge is as strong as it can be and that no bacteria is trapped in your bridge.